With every second that passes the world around us changes constantly, whether we decide to participate in this change or not. The velocity of progress is in permanent fluctuation and with it people, business and society are confronted with more information, complexity and uncertainty. Our lives, businesses, and social fabric are in constant transformation. We help our customers navigate through uncertainty and simplify complexity. We care.


we love making our customers successful.

We believe that finding out what actually matters among the myriads of choices and prioritising the available time doing exactly that, is the key to people's happiness, business success, and society's advancement. We draw energy connecting seemingly disparate information pieces to create customer relevant insights and sustainable value.


help our customers achieve remarkable success and contribute to people's happiness and society's advancement.

Neos Chronos are an advisory services firm for startups and large enterprises. We care that enterprise executives solve their hardest strategic issues and avoid disruption, and startup founders accelerate growth and avoid business-critical mistakes. We love making our customers successful and we aim to be a positive turning point in the lives of the people we meet and work with. We believe our work and our customers' business success will contribute to people's happiness and society's advancement.


advise. demonstrate. inspire.

We aim to be a positive turning point in the lives of the people we meet and work with.

Our approach to every engagement is tailored to our customers' needs, is hands-on, and results-focused. Our experience confirms that this is a key ingredient in achieving remarkable success.

Throughout our careers, we supported companies transform their sales engagement and build strong and trustful relationships with their customers. We originated thought leadership for, and assisted companies in redefining their strategy and tactical planning to achieve sustainable commercial excellence. We distilled insights to help companies simplify processes, and optimize execution. We helped companies improve their customer communications by truly understanding their culture and market context, and designing remarkably effective digital communication media.


caring for our customers' success.

Adding tangible value to our customers' business is our top priority. This is why our services fees are, where appropriate, performance-based.

You, as our customer, can expect our partners and associates to be dedicated to your success and act with respect and the highest level of professional integrity. As members of your team, you can expect us to exhibit a hands-on approach to drive tactical execution, and a big-picture mindset and sharing attitude to help you shape the next steps and strategic view. We will always tell you the truth as we see it and will continuously demonstrate a can-do, "always curious, always learning" attitude to deliver creative, results-focused solutions.