Insights - Turning your Lean Canvas into a Pitch Deck.

Turning your Lean Canvas into a Pitch Deck.

by Dr. Thomas Papanikolaou on Sep 01, 2018

Creating a pitch deck is one of the most critical tasks in a founder's life. In this article, we describe a template structure that can help you generate a draft pitch deck using the information available in your Lean Canvas. You can use the result as a starting point for further improvement.


Problem Statement

Did you know that customer segments face the problem? insert personal story.

Competition, Market size, Opportunity, Team, Purpose

Existing alternatives offered by competitors cannot provide the list of benefits. As the market opportunity is a huge number, my team members with complimentary qualifications and I decided to build startup name to create a positive impact.

Unique Value Proposition

At startup name we enable customer segments achieve list of benefits by offering a solution that solves their list of problems in a differentiated way compared to existing alternatives. Our secret sauce lies in the unfair advantage we developed.

Traction, Execution Ability, Financials

We have done market research, built a prototype, launched the MVP and have already x early adopters, paying customers. We reach the market through list of channels. Our acquisition method results in a customer acquisition cost of x on every unit. Our list of revenue streams give us a gross profit of y per unit.

Ask, Roadmap

We are asking for money, advice, introduction, ..., all of them to reach the first xxx customers, break-even, ..., prove product-market fit. After we reached this milestone, we plan to move further with roadmap.


Important: all names, numbers, statistics, and facts mentioned in this example are imaginary.

Did you now that private travelers have a hard time to find doctors and pharmacies abroad? Have you ever considered that communication in a foreign language is more challenging when you are in need? It is only at the time I fell ill during my last trip to China that I realized the magnitude of these problems.

Calling the travel insurance was cumbersome. Apps I found offered either self-diagnosis or a remote consultation with an English-speaking doctor. None of them, however, could give me a valid prescription to buy medication! As the travel insurance market is destined to grow to a 28 billion market in 2022, John (a doctor), Jim (a pharmacist), and I (a full stack developer) decided to create DrMediLoc, to make healthcare abroad accessible to everyone.

When private travelers open the DrMediLoc app, they immediately see the nearest doctors and pharmacies around them. At the doctor's practice, they can utilize the built-in natural voice translator to communicate in real-time with the doctor. We currently support more than ten languages.

DrMediLoc creates a transcript of every consultation and can send it to the house doctor or the insurance to claim fee reimbursement. With a valid prescription at hand, the app directs travelers to the next open pharmacy (or calls an Uber or Beat to get them there).

We own the most comprehensive database of doctors and pharmacies, which we created and update through an exclusive deal with the World Health Organisation.

Our MVP runs on Android and has been already downloaded and used over 10000 times. The Google Play store is our main channel. We fill our customer funnel through App Store Optimisation and Social Media advertising. It costs us €0.35 to acquire a customer, and we charge travelers a per consultation fee of €1 globally.

We are asking for €500,000 to improve the app, add 20 more languages and reach 1 million downloads. After this milestone, we will be moving into preventative medicine, using aggregate anonymized health data analytics to provide recommendations to the Pharma and Travel Insurance industry.


The structure above uses the following sections from the Lean Canvas: customer segments (early adopters), problem, solution (existing alternatives), unique value proposition, unfair advantage, unit cost and revenue. It implies metrics. To create a complete and smooth pitch deck narrative, it adds the personal story, team execution ability, market size, the ask and the roadmap outlook.

You noticed that we did not use the template in its exact structure. The template is there just as a starting point with already good quality. You will need to work on all parts of it to further improve it. To turn the pitch above into a pitch deck, you may use the pitch deck template by Guy Kawasaki.


In this article, we provided a template structure that can help you generate a draft pitch deck using the information available in your Lean Canvas. You can use the result as a starting point for further improvement.


For the avoidance of doubt, Neos Chronos is not affiliated with and has no financial interest in any of the companies mentioned in this article. All names and trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Please observe the Neos Chronos Terms of Use.

  1. Lean Canvas: download the template (no cost, no registration required)
  2. Guy Kawasaki: pitch deck template.


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