Download the MWC 2018 Report.

MWC 2018 Report.

by Dr. Thomas Papanikolaou on Mar 07, 2018

As part of our annual visit to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we asked customers, colleagues and friends to suggest areas of interest for us to focus on during our discussions. In return we promised to, and did share our thoughts and insights from our interactions throughout the event.

With a short delay, you can now access this report as well. It contains topics as

  • Startups: user experience, web and unified communications, sales tools, human resources, end-user security, SME tools, sustainability
  • Enterprises: V by Vodafone, 5G by Ericsson, Testbirds

The report looks at what both large companies and startups do, to help contrast and compare. Go ahead, download it!


We mention a number of companies in this report.

  • None of these companies has asked to be included in this report. Our reporting is based solely on what Neos Chronos has chosen to share with you.
  • Some of the companies mentioned are startups that may, or may not succeed in the market.
  • A company or topic you might consider important may not be covered.


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