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This calculator shows how to determine a founder's equity dilution after a single round of fundraising/capital increase. You can change any of the values below, and this will auto-update all other inputs.


At the beginning of a startup journey, founders own the full number of the startup's issued shares, with each founder's ownership stake represented as a percentage. This percentage is calculated as (shares owned / total shares * 100). As startups grow, founders may create option pools, give share options to advisors, employees, board directors as remuneration for their work, sign convertible debt with noteholders, and investment term sheets investors to receive capital. Along this journey, startups usually maintain a capitalization table, that shows the breakdown of equity ownership by stakeholders and the type of equity they possess e.g. common shares, preferred shares, ... etc. The sum of all individual equity stakes equals to 100%.

an example

Let's assume we have a startup with 1000 issued shares. When this startup announces a fundraising-round e.g. "£100,000 for 10%" this means that

  1. the startup post-money valuation will be (100% / 10%) * £100,000 = £1,000,000
  2. the startup pre-money valuation is £1,000,000 - £100,000 = £900,000
  3. the startup issues 111 new shares priced at £900,000 / 1000 = £900

After fundraising has been completed, the startup's total numbers of shares will be 1000 + 111 = 1111. With additional shares issued, the equity stakes of shareholders (founders, advisors, employees, board directors, ... etc) are diluted ie.. diminish proportionally to the equity sold to investors.

equity dilution calculator

To use the calculator, simply enter the currency, the amount you are raising, the post-money equity percentage you are offering to investors, and the number of shares issued before the fundraising round. The calculator will compute all other values.














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