Sales Services.


Creating effective sales propositions is an iterative process that combines customer, market and operational understanding to create use cases that exemplify how your customer can generate unique commercial value and attain distinct competitive advantage. As part of our proposition development service, our partners use their international sales experience and best-practices knowledge to provide you with an outside-in view and enable you create, validate, and sharpen propositions that maximise your customers' benefit and your profitability. To ensure a consistently high level of quality, we employ a customer-centric proposition development framework that covers all key aspects. Our service is results-focused, covering inception, pre-validation, documentation and sales engagement support.

Sales Services key deliverables

  • user experience definition
    We help you capture a 360-degree view of the existing and envisioned end-user experience for your products & services offering. This usually includes authoring requirement specifications and Minimum Viable/Valuable Product (MVP) definitions.
  • portfolio gap analysis
    We compare your envisioned end-user experience versus your existing products & services to objectively highlight development needs and focus areas.
  • sales proposition development
    We develop winning sales propositions and document key stakeholders to address during the sales process to accelerate growth.
  • sales enablement
    We augment your sales team temporarily to help you deliver the first sales / proof-points and achieve sales revenue targets.


Our sales services fees are typically based on a combination of a base fee and a performance-based bonus.


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