Strategy Services.


Strategy development often takes place in an environment in which short-term target achievement competes with the necessity to secure long-term, sustainable success. A typical showcase of such conflicting priorities is the re-purposing of an existing core offering in order to capture a new vertical market and the associated question: can the company afford diverting much needed resources today to work on a task with potential benefits tomorrow?

Our experience shows that this common dilemma can be best solved by embedding strategy development into the organisation in the form of an incremental learning process. Over the last 10 years we have enabled companies achieve remarkable results by tailoring the industry's leading strategic learning frameworks to our clients' realities and aspirations.

Strategy Services key deliverables

  • keynotes
    Fresh thinking delivered in presentation format at public and/or company internal events. Sample topics include Business Model Wars, Disruption in Unified Communications, The future of the Workplace and Enterprise Tools with AI and Big Data, ...
  • strategy definition
    Typically delivered as a workshop, using both Strategic Learning as well as Lean Startup methodologies.
  • operational plan development
    Tailored to your context comprising prioritised phased activities with deliverables that progressively embed strategic learning and Lean Startup culture in your daily operations.
  • strategy execution enablement
    We provide expert advisors to demonstrate and guide the execution of your operational plan towards an aligned, operationally excellent and learning organisation.


Our strategy services fees are based on the individual project scope.


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