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Strategyzer's Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a strategic management and entrepreneurial template, that allows to develop new or document existing business models. The template is a visual, one-page chart with elements describing a firm's or product's value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances.

The one-page structure of the Business Model Canvas make it inherently simple, extremely effective and easy to maintain. The application scenarios are endless: Angel investors use the Canvas to help capture and evaluate a startup pitch. Sales persons use the canvas to create one-page company summaries of prospective clients. Executives use the canvas as a tool to infuse Lean Startup thinking into their organisations.


While freely available online courses can help you progress, they are by definition generic in the context and non-interactive in the delivery. Like our Lean Canvas Workshop, we designed the Neos Chronos Business Model Canvas Workshop agenda to go beyond the theoretical concept and generic examples. We bring you together with expert advisors, allowing you to access their wealth of business experience and receive personalised advice on questions specific and relevant to your idea / business model. All of this in a confidential and supportive setting.

Business Model Canvas Workshop Audience audience

Entrepreneurs requiring personalised advice and guidance.

Intrapreneurs using Lean Startup methods to launch propositions.

Executives who want to introduce startup thinking into their strategy, sales, marketing organisation.

Aspiring Angel / early-stage investors.

Business Model Canvas Workshop Content method

Online (Skype) or on-premise personalised workshop with an expert advisor.

The advisor will introduce the Business Model Canvas philosophy (as necessary) and will guide the discussion.

You will be encouraged to ask questions, and the advisor will challenge assumptions, provide pointers to alternatives, and opportunities to explore.

Business Model Canvas Workshop Deliverables deliverables

Expert advisor.

Workshop facilitation.

Business Model Canvas created during the workshop in Microsoft Excel, or any other of the supported formats.

Completion certificate.

Follow-up support in the first week after the workshop to help you become self-sufficient in the usage of the canvas (longer periods can be agreed).

Business Model Canvas Workshop - Before prep

We will send you a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) protecting all information exchanged. The advisor will then get in touch for a brief preparatory session. You will be asked to share information on the business idea to be explored in the workshop. We will agree the date and time, and we will provide you with details so that you can pay the workshop fees.

Business Model Canvas Workshop - During learn

Our advisors are experienced business mentors & accomplished business professionals. You will get access to their wealth of experience to accelerate learning.

You can maximise the workshop benefit by familiarising yourself with the Business Model Canvas. You can find a template and relevant instructions within our Business Modeling Startup Pack (No cost, no registration download. Requires Microsoft Excel).

Business Model Canvas Workshop - After embed

You will receive a clean, editable copy of your business model in the Business Model Canvas format.

You can use this to validate assumptions and document acquired knowledge.

The advisor will be available to support you and answer follow-up questions (via Skype / Email).


Please select one of the editions below. We will redirect you to book a preparatory session with one of our advisors. In this session, we will ask you to share information on the business idea to explore in the workshop. We will also encourage you to ask any questions that are important to you. If you are happy to proceed, we will agree on the date and time, and we will provide you with details so that you can pay the workshop fees.


Our prices are listed in € which denotes European Euro (EUR). Pound Sterling Prices (GBP) are also offered using the official exchange rate of the day (or mid-market rate) as listed at Prices exclude UK Value Added Tax (VAT), which will be charged at the prevailing rate on the date of the invoice. There is no UK VAT charged for a) non-EU resident businesses and b) EU resident companies with a VAT registration (Reverse-Charge rules may still apply).

(*) The Expenses for on-premise delivery for the Enterprise Edition are charged in addition to the price shown. Details will be provided upfront.


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