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Everyone is talking about startups, customer development, bootstrapping, agile programming, ... and how startup culture and new ways of working result in competitive advantage. We can all though agree that such methods are not applicable in a large enterprise context, right? ...


Having worked with over 120 startups and large multinationals, we learned to combine lean startup methodology with large enterprise execution to distil insights and develop solutions that work in established businesses. "Entrepreneur for a day" is an immersive workshop that lets participants experience entrepreneurial methods by applying them on pre-selected, business-specific examples.


The workshop focuses on introducing startup thinking, tools and culture in a manner relevant and applicable to large enterprises. We bring you together with expert advisors, allowing you to access their combined wealth of startup and business experience and receive personalised advice on questions specific and relevant to you and your business. All of this in a confidential and supportive setting.

Entrepreneur for a day Audience audience

Teams in large enterprises for which one or more of the below statements apply

  • Formed recently
  • Seeking to adopt new ways of working
  • Executing new projects
  • Driving digital and organisational transformation

Examples: C-Suite, Innovation, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Operations, Support teams and combinations thereof.

Entrepreneur for a day Content method

Entrepreneur for a day is an on-premise personalised workshop

  • The participants pick ideas they are working on or want to realise in their business.
  • The participants are split into startup teams, and are each assigned an idea.
  • Each startup team develops the assigned idea to a Lean Startup business blueprint within a day.

The participants receive follow-up support after the workshop to help them become self-sufficient in progressing the execution of their idea.

Entrepreneur for a day Deliverables deliverables

Facilitation by an expert advisor

Per team:

  • A lean business blueprint that includes the business model, value proposition, and key technology / operations / market channel aspects.
  • A pitch deck that can be used to seek funding.
  • A fun, immersive experience of entrepreneurship.
  • A skill for life.

Individual completion certificates.

Entrepreneur for a day - Before prep

We will send you a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) protecting all information exchanged. The advisor will then get in touch for a brief preparatory session. You will be asked to share information on the business idea(s) to be explored in the workshop. We will agree the date and time, and we will provide you with (contractual) details so that you can pay the workshop fees.

Entrepreneur for a day - During learn

Our advisors are experienced startup mentors & accomplished business professionals. You will get access to their wealth of experience to accelerate learning.

You can maximise the workshop benefit by familiarising yourself with the tools we are going to use. You can download our Business Modeling Startup Pack (requires Microsoft Excel) to get started. You can do this right now: no cost, no registration required.

Entrepreneur for a day - After embed

You will receive clean, editable copies of your business blueprints and pitch decks.

The advisor will be available to support you and answer follow-up questions (via Skype / Email).


Please select one of the editions below. We will redirect you to book a preparatory session with one of our advisors. In this session, we will ask you to share information on the business idea to explore in the workshop. We will also encourage you to ask any questions that are important to you. If you are happy to proceed, we will agree on the date and time, and we will provide you with details so that you can pay the workshop fees.


Our prices are listed in € which denotes European Euro (EUR). Pound Sterling Prices (GBP) are also offered using the official exchange rate of the day (or mid-market rate) as listed at Prices exclude UK Value Added Tax (VAT), which will be charged at the prevailing rate on the date of the invoice. There is no UK VAT charged for a) non-EU resident businesses and b) EU resident companies with a VAT registration (Reverse-Charge rules may still apply).

(*) The Expenses are calculated based on the location of the purchasing company and are charged in addition to the price shown. They include our advisors' (international) travel, local transportation and accomodation, and meals. Details will be provided upfront for approval.


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